About Mounir Nassif Optics

Mounir Nassif Optics aims to improve the eyesight through the use of high quality ophthalmic eyewear.
The lenses used at Mounir Nassif are characterized by a high technical quality that protects the eye from environmental irritants such as dust, UV rays, foreign particles, and many more.

We aim to enhance the faces of men and women at all ages, by offering the most stylish and fashionable sunglasses. Through this Site, you will enjoy our monthly offers and you will be the first to know about the release of our new collections.

The designer eyewear can set you back anything from a couple of hundred dollars to a much more impressive amount. Of course, you want to buy exceptional quality glasses, made with passion and meticulousness, and be sure that the eyewear is 100% authentic. Here at EyeOns, we understand that reputation is everything. We value our reputation as the trusted distributor of exclusively authentic products that we buy directly from our brand partners and original manufacturers. We unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of every pair of glasses we sell at our online store. All authentic eyewear pieces come in a premium quality hard case or a soft pouch with manufacturer information, some type of guarantee booklet, or a certificate of authenticity. With us you can be sure that you are buying truly high-end pieces that are 100% authentic.

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